Living with two small kids in Haïti

Hay there, we are a family of 4, with two small boys ( 7 months and 2,5)
I would like to know more About the everyday life of expat family's.

- is it safe to go out with the children
- are there playgroups, playgrounds etc.
- where do you go in the weekend
- are there Nice compounds to live in
- how About the malaria medicine for small children

Etc etc.......

Please share your story, can't wait

It really depends on how you live and what you're doing, if you're working with an organization and what they provide etc. The safe compound areas (anywhere from one house to a group, gated and with security) are mostly in Petion-Ville, which is where most expats live. You won't tend to find playgrounds unless they're specifically for your org or the kids' school.

On the other hand I know a woman from Canada who runs an orphanage in the Artibonite and raises her children there, living as one with the locals. That can work if you're the kind of family that wants and works with that. In that case the kids there play a LOT of soccer, some basketball too. They also find/make their own toys, like kites from sticks and plastic bags for example. We've brought soccer balls and frisbees to the kids and they had a blast with them. They will disappear or get broken if you're not careful though.

Either way I would never leave the kids anywhere alone except for something like a good school with security.

Malaria medicine is toxic and can only be taken for short periods of time. For this reason no one (not kids or adults) staying somewhere longer term take the medicine at all. I only took it on my first visit. Instead good mosquito netting over the beds, good hygiene and no sitting water (or add bleach to it - not a lot, just enough to kill mosquito larva) are your friend. Whether malaria or any of the other possibilities, most of the issues facing Haiti whether malaria, cholera or others are easily solvable as long as dealt with promptly and the medicine is available - so wherever you settle make sure you find out which hospitals around you are good before you need one. Usually they're private.

Although I don't have kids myself I have worked with a lot of them in Haiti and elsewhere, so I hope my answers are helpful!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions!

is it safe to go out with the children
- are there playgroups, playgrounds etc.
In petion ville not to much, 2 restaurants have a small playground for the little ones. Playgroups, maybe but havent heard about it. Kids go to schoolaround 1 or 2 years old
- where do you go in the weekend
Beach, moubtains or just at home. So no shoppingmalls, no cinema ect ect 😉
- are there Nice compounds to live in
There are a few compounds or areas where you can live "safe" . Houses in petion ville are mostly secured
- how About the malaria medicine for small children
Malarone is not necessarry for kids or adults. Dont know anybody who used it, policy of our company about malarone changed 2 years ago.
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