Resigning before finishing 1 year contract

Good day, Hi, I would like to seek for help, advice or suggestion from this forum, I hope I can get a proper answer in this scenario,
I resigned to my company with a 1 month and also made a mail to registered post office,.

I have a 1 year visa to my company, In my contract they written  January 2017 as my starting day.but from December 2016 i am already their employee  they gave me a visa under different company so at least i have visa while waiting for their own visa eventually they changed my visa last may 2017 under their company. but last August 2017 i resigned and i comply to the one month notice I have given them and also they accepted my resignation.

my Question is, Are they going to ask money or charged me of anything, since i didn't finish my 1 year and by the way i am a local hire so they can refund the visa to LMRA.

Thank you for hearing me out...


refer to the below link from LMRA>


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