US expats in Cambodia concerned over anti US threats

:unsure Found this posted Sept. 26 … -cambodia-
and here: … -escalates

Just curious what expats are thinking and feeling about this.

This was tagged immigration, visas, usa etc so guess I am posting in the right place here.

I was at the embassy last week , no problem, stay out of politics, and everything is pretty much the same ,99% of Khmer people don't even know there's a problem! I'm from USA , no problem

I have to agree with you. Ive been living here since the 90's and there has always been a posted warning at the u.s embassy just stating "stay away from large crowds during elections and stay away from the politics." Most khmer people you talk to are very friendly and love westerners.

You should not blow something like this off nonchalantly for other naive expats to read. This is something that should be have an eye kept on it especially when July of 2018 comes rolling around. Your nonchalant response only gives others ignorance.

It is not the Kamai people to you have to be worried about but Hun Sen and his powerful Army particularly after claiming intent of War if he loses the election next July

Pretty simple advice  tony , stay out of politics and name calling kinda like you just did, the leadership here is cambodia business, ignorance is calling the leadership of a country you a guest in names and trying to second guess the election process, the Khmer people don’t need our help they will work it out on thier own

Well said Twinsguy, none of our business, if you want politics go home and join politics there.

In case someone does not feel secure in Cambodia, you're free to leave, nobody keeps you here.


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