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I am a danish guy, 44 years old. I joined this site by thinking I hopefully can make new english speaking friends. However Im puzzled by what the intention of the expat creators is. Is it possible to just make new friends in here or do one have to offer housing or have specific projects to make it work? I have for quite some time been searching for a site to make friends and I was pleased to have found this one.

But as I mentioned Im not sure if it can work as simple as Im hoping for.


The aim of this site is for members to offer advice or assistance to each other regarding living in a foreign country, which may include offering services, jobs, housing, etc....there are designated sections for various purposes.

As for making friends, it is possible to achieve that if you introduce yourself, talk a bit about your interests or your expatriation project if you have one.  Based on what you write, other members may wish to contact you if they are interested in what you've written. 

It's not recommended to send copy/paste PM's to members, as you'll be flagged as a spammer in most cases.  It's better to introduce yourself as I mentioned on the forum, and allow others to respond to you, rather than try to reach out to others via PM, who may not wish to be contacted.

Expat.com Experts Team

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