Expat Health Insurance: Your experience with William Russell

Hi all,

I currently live in Rio de Janeiro, and am considering switching my health insurance to an international expat insurance (William Russell - william-russell.com/). I was wondering whether anybody here has had any experience with the company? Any recommendations or points to consider?

Yes, I know them. I also work with them - they are one of my business partners. Let me know if you want any advice.


Thanks Sachin. Would you recommend them (assuming that they are your business partners, I assume so)? How efficient are they with claims processing? Are there any issues using them in Brazil (e.g. will it be problematic using them when needing to, for example, use a laboratory like Lamina to take a blood test?). How are they generally viewed in the industry (good? reliable? or scammy?)

I would recommend them, but really depends on your specific requirements/circumstances. There are certainly no issues with using them in Brazil and from my experiance claims have been settled efficiently.

I would be happy to have an initial phone call/Skype/meet with yourself to determine if there is a better option for you or not. Let me know, I am based in Zona Sul, Rio.


I was considering William Russell as well! But I am concerned about the claims once everything here at hospital or doctors are paid first!

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