moving to Dublin for work looking to meet new people


I will soon be moving to Dublin for work. I had the opportunity to visit this city twice and I really enjoyed it.

I would love to meet people from all backgrounds and discover this beautiful city a little more. I am a simple person, sometimes shy. My hobbies are: visiting museums, going restaurants, going to the cinema, spa weekend, listening to music (anything but hard rock, metal, trance and techno), love watching documentaries ...

I am quite chatty and have lived in some countries abroad. I would ideally like to meet people aged 25 and over.

Thanks and see you soon I hope


Hi Sandra =)

Welcome to Dublin! There are lots of apps to help you make friends. One really good one is ****Its great if you are new to a city and want to make new friends. There are lots of expats in the group too so you arent alone =)

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Thanks a lot  for your warm welcoming  :) how is it going for you ?

Good Luck Sandra :) I'll be on the same boat not too long from now.. A new place means a new social life..New everything :)

I cannot wait for my Adventure to start and hopefully meet new genuine people from different backgrounds, cultures.. Ahh Cannot wait :)

If you like your music, try the DI radio and Radio Tunes App owned by the same company..I think yearly membership for premium service is about 100 USD..Unlimited awesome music from all over the world..All you need is some decent entertainment set up, or a good head phone and some good wine or whiskey or beer, rest is bliss :)

Hi. I'm going to move to Ireland in January. can you tell me how it's working out for you so far? Are you enjoying it?

hello Sandra, are you already in Dublin? Are you enjoying your stay here? I am looking for some new friends, if you are interested in getting to know me, get in touch. Have a nice day!

Hey  Ewka,

I just send you a private message :)

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