renewing pensionado card

I obtained a Pensionado status and card almost 8 years ago.  The new cards look (apparently) different than the old ones and hardly anyone recognizes the old card.  My question is has anyone gone through the process of updating the card (caret). 

The old card is still valid but can be a problem.  I went to renew my Panama drivers license and the dmv did not recognize the card and would not issue a renewed drivers license.   We come to Panama for 90 days every year.

I have gone to the law firm that first help me get the card and they have been slow to respond.

Forget about going to immigration without a no help there...



Maybe the public officials thought that you wanted to apply for a brand NEW  "Visa de Pensionado/Jubilado", the pensionado status is a life-long thing so they need  to understand that you just want to REPLACE your old (valid) card with a newer one in order to avoid any misunderstanding or drama. It is probably that younger or less experienced public officials will not recognize your card or any other similar document, a similar thing happened to an old woman I know, she was having problems with her old social security card and I guided her to get the thing replaced.

You can get info in Immigration without a lawyer if you talk to the right person , but only if you can speak fluent spanish tho. I used to work for the government and I can assure you that fluent english is not a strong point of their workforce.

Brgds and good luck...

Thank you for your response.  It could be that immigration did not understand I was trying to update the pensionado caret.  I did go with someone who speaks fluent spanish but not really familar with the immigration system.  it was pretty chaotic in the immigration building.  We were unsuccessful ..denied.

I will try again on our return trip in a few months..probably try again with an attorney.


good luck Sir, we can chat in private if you are in need of an attorney. Hope you have a fruitful visit the next time you are here.

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