hello . im ryan working in sales for 5 months already. I been connecting to my agency i philippines for several months but there is no answer about working hours.... as stated in our contract  we only work for 8 hours ...but happens that its more than 9 to 10 hours we work . ...but this time i have decided already to resign . i gave my letter of  resignation to our hr  a day ago and they accepted it.

my question is, do i have to pay the company,? what other consequences for these matter

Depends on your company policies

Hello Ryan,

I believe it is always wise to think about the penalties and repercussions before submitting your resignation.

Now it all depends on how your employer interprets terms as they appear on your employment contract.

1) Most probably you will be asked to pay 3 months salary or work for three months notice period.

2) You will be paying your airline tickets.

3) You may be asked to repay agents fees since your employer will pay this while hiring your replacement.

We wish you good luck. :unsure

thank you for your response

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