Mariage et séjours permanent

Suis algérienne mon conjoint est allemand salarié 1200 euro netto un appartement de 5 chambres....
J'ai dépose ma demande de mariage et séjours permanent à l'ambassade est ce que son salaire peut entraîner des complications ou un refus de visa à ( Ausländerbehörde)   merci de me répondre :)

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Ahhhh okay
My question is : can a German citizen get married with 1200 euro as salary all the other conditions are acceptable. Cause we made all the steps and now we are waiting for the Accord of the immigrations office ( Ausländerbehörde)
We got the Accord from the court two weeks ago and he got the date of the marriage in the marriages office ( Standesamt) what can be the worst in this situation please cause the marriages office gave the 24 November date of marriage
Waiting for an answer thank you very much sir

A German citizen can marry anyone he/she likes, regardless of income or financial situation.
However, I guess you didn't really mean that. Unfortunately there's not enough information to assess your situation, so I answer in general terms:
If, after marrying, the (non-EU) foreign partner wants to get a German visa based on the marriage, he must either apply for a family reunion visa in his/her home country, or enter Germany on a marriage visa before the marriage. The requirements for these differ - please ask the German embassy in your country for the details.
The situation is different if the foreign partner is already in Germany on a residence permit for other reasons ("Aufenthaltstitel" or similar)  - in that case you need to ask at the foreigner office ("Auslaenderamt") of your location how to proceed. You might be able to continue staying in Germany  on your existing permit and the marriage only comes into play when this permit expires.
In some but not all of these scenarios, there are financial requirements (if so, you generally need the survival minimum of EUR8700/year per person) and in most there is a requirement to show basic language skills (A1 or better).
The situation is rather complicated and it does help to engage an experienced immigration lawyer to handle the issues for you.
Good luck and I wish you a nice wedding day!

Thank you very much

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