Transportation in Cairo

Please advise, how is the transportation in Cairo ? Prices ? safety ? Taxi ? bus ? metro ? and what do you recommend ? and how are the taxis from Cairo Airport ? reliable ? safe ? cheap ?
Thank you

Transportation's prices are very cheap compared to transportation in Europe (Metro 2 Egyptian pounds and very safe )
I don't advise to use public buses because it's very crowded inside Cairo but Buses are okay between cities
Uber is better than taxis in general almost in everything

Thank you Mohammad, Is Uber more expensive than normal taxi ? How much it will cost
me from airport to city centre ?

You are welcome.
The problem with Taxis is: some of them don't start the counter during the trip
sorry Idk the cost exactly because i use my own car but i checked uber price range from Airport to City center (downtown) and it is 80-100 EGP

Thank u Mohammad

You are welcome :)

uber is less expensive then normal taxis. But not by much. The problem with uber is that many drivers are new, they can not read the GPS and they are not as good drivers as professional taxi drivers. Sometimes they are not able to find you and drive around in circles... Then I cancel them and request another. You have to be lucky to have a good driver. I use Uber and taxis daily...

Mini-busses and busses are fun to use, only 2 pounds...
For longer distances I prefer to fly or take the train.

Metro is a disaster on rush hours! Too many people. And some wagons do not have airconditioning.  It works good outside the rush hour.

from Airport I prefer Uber, the taxis at the airport are expensive.

Thank you so much d oracle

Uber is your friend in Cairo :) Metro is good only during non-busy days/hours.

You are so sweet Mariam. Thank you. I arrived to Cario. And it was easy. Costed 130 LE. Egyptians are nice people. I know nobody here but i dont feel like a stranger. Keep in touch

You are welcome and I wish you and your family a good time in Egypt.

In addition to Uber, you can try Careem , even less expensive, the rate in uber is calculated based on the availability of drivers in your area at that point of time.
Avoid buses, mini buses and metro.

For the airport (to and from) I usually order Londoncab, it's more expensive than the rest but an enjoyable trip in that little bug :) , and of course very safe.

Enjoy your stay!

Best wishes

Thanks a lot. I took uber. It costed 100 EL.

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