Moving to Morocco from USA in October 2007

Anybody interested in sharing a shipping container, please let me know.  Thank you for looking.

Hi BorninMoroccan,

Welcome to

You may also drop an advert under the Container sharing in Morocco section of the website to help spread the word.



Thank you for the tip!

From which country to which city in morroco  ?

From USA to Casablanca

Are you still looking?

Yes I am

I'm moving back as well, I have some car parts I want to bring over with me.  What size of container are you using?  Which city in the US is the container leaving from?  What company are you using?  Also, how much is it?  Sorry for all the questions.

If you are shipping auto parts, in this case the container needs to be in your name because you have to pay taxes for the parts unlike if you are shipping household stuff.  The closest port to where I live is Norfolk ,Va.  I have talked to a guy who ships From Wilson , NC to Egypt and the cost of a 40 foot container $2550 plus $1000 for him to use his warehouse as storage.

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