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Hello group,

I have posted a few times before regarding permanent residency here in Brazil. I have a Brazilian fiance  and we have just welcomed our baby girl into the family. She is one week old and both of our names are listed on the hospital document. I have been here a year, and, heeding advise from both Brazilians and Americans, I waited out my irregular visa status with the expectation that the birth of the child would be the solution to the problem. It bears mentioning that I have been separated for two years from my ex spouse, and the divorce papers are painfully slow being processed - otherwise, I would have gotten married before the baby was born.

This afternoon, we went to the Cartório de Registro das Pessoas Naturais to register the baby and were immediately turned away because of my irregular visa status. The attendant said I need a CPF to register the child, which I had no idea I would need since I have all of my US documents on hand. This would have been no problem when I first arrived in Brazil, but getting a CPF with an irregular visa will be next to impossible.

The only redress I can think of is to present myself to the Policia Federal, vomit the whole situation from start to finish, and see what they do. Has anyone else here encountered this problem? Is there a solution to this that I am not aware of?

Any help is much appreciated.

I believe your name can be registered as the father. Since you have the divorce document problem going to the federal police will probably get you deported.


Your cpf can be issued regardless of your visa status.  Also try another cartorio as your visa status doesn’t change the fact that you are the father of the child.  Maybe if you let your girlfriend go by herself to get the birth certificate issued.  She can take your passport copy with her.

I am checking on this. Thank a billion.

I have considered this. However, what other alternatives?

Rjones, I have checked with my neighbor as she works for the local cartorio.  As per her it’s important for the mother to be present, but not the father.

Other than that the other alternative might be to hire an attorney to do the paperwork on your behalf through a Power of Attorney. 

Also please note that some of the hospitals where the child is born have there own Cartorio office in them and it is easier to get the birth certificate issued over there on the spot.


To issue your CPF number, you can issue a power of attorney to your fiancee and she can provide the CPF number for you.
She just have to present: power of attorney + notarized copy of your passport (only personal information page) + sworn translation of your passport.

About your baby registration, the Cartório cannot refuse to register your baby girl because of your illegal stay in Brazil. Actually, after the registration of you baby, you can go to the Federal Police and request for your permanency by Brazilian child.

The visa position is not relevant to the birth registration process. I attended and advised I was present in Brasil for the Birth and heading home in few weekd. To get the CPF we went to the local registration office with my passport. I took a copy of my birth certificate with parents name on it just in case. The office issued the CPF in 30 minutes. Then I needed the copy of my Birth certificate Apostiled and translated into portuguese. The apostile element was done in London. Ordered over the phone and they shipped direct to Brasil took 10 days,  The translation was easy official local translators need to do it. Took a couple of days only cost was 150 real. With my Passport, apostiled birth certificate and certified translation of Birth certificate the registration office registered the birth.

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