how much is the rental for a house in Male?

Hello, Im moving In Maldives on November to work for a new hoapital in Male, how much is the rental for a house in Male?

Hi Anneisip20,

You could drop an advert in the Housing in Maldives and see from the offers you might get, how much it will cost you.

You may also have a look here :

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Living in Male is expensive and flats are tiny. I would suggest doing some google search living in Hulhumale. If you dont mind travelling time of 45 mins. I have been to Male twice in 4 weeks and I find it extremely overcrowded with traffic jams and millions of motorbikes parked on both sides of the road/lane. I know a few doctors recently moved to Maldives, life can be quite boring if you have no friends, so consider that too. Good luck...

Yeah its quite expensive it would be difficult for me to bring my family because the salary they offer is  just 1000 dollars.

Yeah its quite expensive , the salary they offer is just 1000 dollars, I cannot survive with my family

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