Working in Nigeria

Good day!

I would like to know the cost of living and the way of living in Lagos,Nigeria!

I was offered a job in Nigeria by an international company to work as a manager.

I want to know if USD 3000 is enough to live and work in nigeria? If not, how much salary should I ask?

Can someone tell me what else should I asks to work safely and comfortably in Nigeria!

Thank you!

For cost of living try  There are also other threads here on the forum regarding costs etc.

Is salary before or after tax as this will make a difference.
Is employer offering accommodation, transport, medical insurance cover etc.

USD 3000 is my tax free monthly basic salary!

Aside from that their offering free accommodation, transportation, food, and medical!

Aside from these things, I want to know what else should I ask the company regarding the safety and the way of life living and working in nigeria!

Thank you for the reply!

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