Job for a Driver?!

Im looking for a driving job in Sweden!

You would first need to see if driving jobs are only for locals, then find out if you qualify for a visa.

Im European I dont need Visa. But thanks

What kind of driving job? You have to give more information when posting questions.

Ciao Bruno,

few advices.
1. If you come from an EU country no problem with Visa or Work permit. However still some steps to be achieved:
- Perssonnummer
-ID Kort
Both are easy to get but you need 15-30 days. You go with your EU passport probably italian and works.. You go to a tax agency and ask (probably 400 SEK)
2. Change the Driving licence
- B driving license is immediately changed but you need previous steps. You give the EU driving license and get a Swedish one. Tax 150 SEK.+ 80 SEK photo Look in internet Transportstyrelsen (part in english). Look for: Korkort. Press Bestall blanket: you get a form by normal mail, you send, they will send you the invoice home and application documents. You put your original driving license in the response envelope and after some time you go make pictures and after 1 week you get the Swedish license. You need about 4-6 weeks. You keep a copy of your italian permit you can still drive during this period.
- Other categories (professional) is fun. You need medical exam and pass some driving tests in Swedish language, it is a long story.
Possibilities to hire rather limited. With only B no chance unless you work for Uber. Professional driver you compete with all willing to work for basic salaries and speaking Swedish. Speaking Swedish is rather important, do not make any assumption before you know "Grund level Swedish"
Hope it helps

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