Introducing myself

I'm Jacqueline Wales, originally from Edinburgh Scotland, but have lived in many different places in the world including London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, Bali, New York, and finally, back to San Francisco. I am the author of two books When The Crow Sings, a semi-autobiographical novel, and The Fearless Factor, stories of women overcoming challenges in life. I currently work as an Executive Coach and Leadership facilitator working with large companies. I hold a black belt in Shotokan karate and a red belt in Tae Kwon Do. Currently, I'm passionate about Crossfit and attend classes five days a week. When not working or working out, I love to cook, to travel, and to enjoy my family who are pretty international too. My son is English, my stepdaughter is half-Thai, and my other two were born in California. We are all spread out and live in different cities. If there is anything you need to know about living in foreign cities and adapting to the environment, language and customs, reach out. I have had plenty of experience over the last 45 years. I look forward to learning more about people here.

Wow! I loved your post! You sound really exciting!

Hiii Jacqueline, I've read your book-The Fearless Factor, truly amazing and inspiring. Waiting to see more coming from your side.

Great first post.  Welcome

Bob K

I am trying to join a crossfit gym and I think after reading your post I might consider it more now!

Oh, I love your books. And if you're recently in san francisco, then there's an incredibly tasty juice. You have to try it, it's probably best juice cleanse sf. San Francisco really has something to brag about. There are so many interesting places worth visiting. And how do I want your autograph.

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