Which bank to choose for my small business in Romania?


I currently live in Bucharest. I am opening now my business, I am asking your experience about which to bank to choose for my business account. I don't speak Romanian yet and this makes it difficult to understand eveyrthing.
I am between
ING-> has high fees
Banca Transylvania-> i like it but always crowded
Raiffeissen-> i dont like the customer service
Libra internet Bank

Please share your opinions!

Thanks in advance

Banca Transilvania is easy to open a business account at & you can do your banking online. The telephone support staff all speak excellent English. Good luck! Sue

I have a Banca Transylvania personal account, I wasn't allowed to set up internet banking in the first six months because I am a foreign national.

Not sure if that is the same for business accounts.

I have had this account for almost a year now, still not bothered to set up the internet banking, but it's definitely the best bank I have come across here in Romania.

I also have a raifeissen bank account, which is rubbish, loads of fee's, we don't use it anymore, just my daughter's child allowence is paid into that, and my wife has a BRD account, this also has many fees.

Got a mail from Raifeissen the other days...they're increasing their fees! Time to change. I heard that ING offer most stuff for free if you deposit at least 700 lei in the account per month.

Hi there...
Go to ING! For LEI is the best ( no fees for over 700 lei entries/month) !
And retreating money from any other bancomate of any bank is free of charge.
Good luck

I am fee free with Banca Transylvania, but I set it up through my job with a reference number for the sole reason they pay my salary into it.

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