Car loan

Do local Vietnamese take car loans as funding to buy cars?
I was told that a local car buyer may provide grants of house/land as collateral security in negotiation for a car loan. How far is this true? 
Please elaborate more in matters relating to car loan in HCMC.

Of course they have car loans here.

You'll probably find that people/banks etc  lending you money here will want something tangible as collateral in case you just hop in the car and drive it all the way back to Malaysia where you come from on your avatar. 😆

Banks will more than likely want property as collateral .     What you spend the loan funds on is a mystery here.   There's no shortage of families here mortgageing their homes for cash to play cards.......

I know nothing about vehicle leasing here OR car dealers offering finance , but as a guess , given what your driving away in is very portable there could be difficulties there.

There is another option of course.....
Are you female & reasonably attractive..?
Because their are plenty of dumb assed foreign "uncle boners" here that have just given cars, motorbikes & houses away.

And they keep stepping off planes everyday.

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