Puerto Rico Needs Our Help

Hello everyone,

As you already know, Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico leaving it in shambles and it's people without food, water, homes, supplies and clothes. It has been heart breaking for me to watch the affects of devastation on my beautiful island. I am writing this as a plea to you all to please donate whether it be monetary or with supplies.

Puerto Ricans welcomed Virgin Islanders with open arms onto their island and offered aid, food, shelter and compassion. Now many Puerto Ricans are in need of the same. There are so many reputable organizations working to get the funds to the displaced people of Puerto Rico. Any  amount helps as it all adds up to provide for the bigger picture. If you prefer to donate supplies instead, please check your local area for drop off centers. If you are unsure where to donate, here are some wonderful organizations that are working to make a difference:

The Hispanic Federation:
Voices For Puerto Rico:
Carolos Beltran's Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fund:
Carmelo Anthony Puerto Rico Relief Fund:
United For Puerto Rico:

Please feel free to add to the list any respectable organizations you know of that are accepting donations or need volunteers. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and even more so for helping the American people of Puerto Rico.


You guys people haven't seen any aid in the Carolina area I was at.***. I'm waiting overnight at the airport for a flight to San Diego. Also samaritans purse is a good organization to donate to.

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Justpeachyy, so happy you and your children were able to fly out!  This whole thing that is happening in PR is heartbreaking.  I keep watching FB pages and news stations and images are now coming out showing the devastation and desperation that is becoming apparent.  Just really sad  :(

soon healthy people will get sick

Yes, most definitely, Rey.  Lack of sanitation and many other things. … -survivors.   These are the angels that are helping PR and the other islands and that flew us out!!

Thank you, for sharing the link to these wonderful people!

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