Importing Vintage car From UK to Mauritius

Does anyone know how to import vintage car from UK ,  is it something possible ? if yes. what is the process like?

thanks in advance


Procedures for  importing a second-hand car :

The age of the car should be not less than 18 months and not more than 48 months at the time of the shipment.
An import permit is need prior to shipment.

No CO2 Emission Certificate is required for a vintage car.
"Classic or vintage motor car" means a motor car which has been registered before 1st January 1970.

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Please advise that it's not possible to import a car over 48 months old.


for a normal second hand car importation , it should be
18 months and not more than 48 months .

But for a vintage car, the car should be
dated year 1976 (40 year).

Docs to be provided should be
the proforma invoice with current value + Hose power.


Alogis Ltd

You can import cars to Mauritius it must be not later than 1969 and you only have VAT to pay

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