Living in Georgia

Hi I'm Dahab i'm in Georgia 2 years ago and this is some information from my life experience here :

Tbilisi is the most expensive living by virtue of it's capital city ...
Rentals here start from $ 150 for a studio apartment and not far from the center
But a bedroom and living room will be starting from 250 or 300 USD
If you alone think that $ 150 is enough to buy food per month
The cost of transportation and other services such as gas, electricity and the Internet is very cheap.

There is a town of Rustavi, living cheap there, 35 km away from Tbilisi ...
Rental rates there are cheap, you can save 50% of what you pay in Tbilisi..

Successful investments here are investments in real estate, tourism investments and also imports..

Those who speak English and Russian are the most fortunate to get jobs.



It's privileged and pleasure to get such information. Please be informed that I will be in Tibilisi by end of October for searching opportunity to invest in Real Estate for TRP. Would you please share few contacts of Real Estate agent who can help me to find my requirements. Your support will be highly appreciable.

Thanks & Regards,

Ariful Haque

Tnks so much for your information!

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