country to exit within gcc

i need to exit qatar for my resident visa..i already have a resident visa approved on hand,but i need to exit first..i cant apply a visa in gcc country because im still under a visit visa sponsored by my wife..this morning i go to omani embassy and tried to apply for a visit visa but to no avail..the officer told me that they cannot give me a visa because im still in visit visa...she advise me to try to find a hotel in oman that can process a visit visa for me in oman...i just want to know if anybody has same situation like me and im asking for any idea what country is the easiest to exit ,probably in planning to exit in asia in which theres no need for a visa as a holder of a philippine passport..and also i have only 6 mnths and 20 days before my passport  expired...i only have less than 20 days to apply for any visit visa since it requires 6 months of passport validity...thanks a lot for helping me ..

Oman and Kuwait are only possible to go , I know a travel agent in Oman who can help , do let me know . Just PM me for details .

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