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Hi I am looking to start either a small cafe or a ready made garments shop(export surplus clothing from garment exporting countries) in Tbilisi or any other flourishing place in Georgia.I would like to know the procedure for starting a business and also the cost of living for a single person.Thanks

Brother, the procedures here are easy to open small investments, taxes here are cheap

Me too

Yes, it is very open for any investors here!

Let me know if you want to import anything from India.

I love this country even with their some weak point

Dear All,

I want to start a business and looking for partners in Georgia.

Hi nath5181,

You will have more chances of meeting a partner if you post an ad  in the Tbilisi classifieds section.

Best of luck.
Anas, team :)

what business you want to start/ You want local partners only?

Tourisme. Not necessarily, anyone with knowledge, interest, and willingness to work can join.

Hi Nath,

Please let me know what do you mean by this post. you can PM for details ...I am also looking in to some kind of setup in Georgia


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