Dentist in Saigon

Would anybody be able to advise where I could find an honest and hygienic dentist...
Tried one in Da Nang, disgusting hygiene and just interested in how many crowns they can get you to pay for, they got up to $5,000, we said forget it...
Ability to speak English not particularly necessary...
Thanks guys.

I know this place not far from D1  Đinh Tiên Hoàng  its in the same line as legend coffee at 101 Đinh Tiên Hoàng i don't exactly remember the name
I went there for my wisdom tooth removal Very professional
good advice
idk about the price for crowning but you can try asking
if you haven't found any source i will go pass them and get u name
they are the only one in that line between to streets

Note: I cant vouch for pricing i have no idea !

Yes I went to the West Coast International Dental.
17-19-21 Ly Tu Trong, District 1, HCM.
Ph 02838256999
Got 3 crowns and 9 big mercury amalgams replaced for $2,000 USD.
Crowns were $440 each.
Local cost is $200.
My background is a Surgical Team Medic and Intensive Care Nurse. This place is very hygenic and professional.

Nha Koa Minh Khai is great and I have used them for years and far cheaper then what is being quoted ere so far. 199 Nguyen Thi Minh  , 08392533399. Across the street from Paris Bakery. Happy choppers!!

Hi Guys, having inspected quite a few dentists both in Da nang and HCM, I learnt to avoid the dentists who advertise ‘Vacation Dental’. The prices they are asking are similar to the prices in Australia but with low standards of hygiene.
I studied the internet for a dentist that seemed to be less interested in tourists. I found AU MY at 113/115, Dinh Tien Hoang, P. Da Kao, Q1
Tel: (08) 38 20 20 39 - 38 20 21 79
Very impressed, great hygiene, lovely staff, female Dentist trained in US, very competent. 3 fillings and clean $60 aud. My wife had 3 crowns, bridge, total of 8 teeth, fillings, clean, CT, whitening and teeth protectors as she grinds here teeth at night for $2,500 aud, great work, very pleased...
Her English is reasonable, sufficient to be understood...
Highly recommended.

Try Seoul Ace Dental Clinic in District 1 (M Plaza building)! Didn't get any crowns, but for my treatment, they were very professional, honest and suuuper hygienic (even more than in Germany). Prices were decent too at Seoul Ace Dental clinic...

Good luck!

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