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Hi all,

I've been hired to teach math at a high school in Xiamen and am moving to the country in about three days (probably be there by the time you read this, given the activity here).  I signed a two year contract.  I'm a 34 year old white guy who doesn't speak the language, know much about the culture, know anyone in China, and have never been anywhere more foreign than London.  I hail from Northwest Arkansas in the States, home of Walmart and a large international community of it's own, but most of them are Indian.

I'm hoping to find other English speaking expats in Xiamen who can show me the ropes and serve as a refreshing change of pace from the locals.  What I know is going to be hardest for me is not having my regular group of board gamers, or anyone to watch the Bears games with, assuming I'm able to find a place in China that shows American football games.

Hi there, I am in the process of moving to China to teach English. I originally wanted to move to one of the first tier cities but Xiamen appealing. What motivated you to move there. You have had 6 years in China.....where about?

I was convinced to move to Xiamen based on the offer my school made me.  The biggest perk was an apartment on campus, so I wouldn't have to commute to work, or worry about paying for rent and utilities.  The school administrator was also from my hometown, so it felt like fate. 

Xiamen is great, though.  It's clean, and there is plenty to do here.  Great shopping, great restaurants, friendly people.  I think you stand out more as a foreigner here than you do in other Chinese cities, but I've only been in China for just over 2 weeks, so this is word of mouth.  I already feel quite at home here. 

The downside to Xiamen is the oppressive heat.  I'm from the South, and I wasn't prepared for how hot it is all the time.

Hi there,

I am an Australian expat in Singapore and am thinking of moving to Xiamen.

I will be there to look around from Dec 7th to 20th 2017, and was also hoping to find someone to join up with to chat in English, enjoy some drinks/bands/sights or anything else as I am easy going , like to enjoy every day and open to all suggestions .

I have been in Singapore for some time so have been exposed to many cultures here as its a melting pot of Asian cultures and am very interested to find out more about Xiamen.

Thanks to all in advance.


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