Moving from a very quite hamlet in France to Sunny beach?

Hi to everyone,
Am i mad! no France is very nice but the house and land i have is just to big for one person ( the real reason is the French are so dull they go to bed at 7 every night and you can't get a meal unless you order before 9pm then their ready to kick you out around 10pm ) so its sunny beach for me in a 2 bed apartment so i can watch all the brits turn red in the summer and hopefully i'll get a drink after 10pm but setting the fun as side i do need some help with buying a car and some furniture, happy days

Hi, some good shops in Varna take a look.

Keep in mind that sunny beach is seasonal, so no one in there 7-8mo out of the year except some hotel staff and guards. I know Apts are cheap there but there is a reason for that :)  Varna is a good city to be in if you want to be by the water but it also dies wayyyy down during the winter (nov-apr).

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