Working Visit ( Khitab u Dawa) Rejected - Mustand Tashira Required

Work Visit got rejected twice by Karachi Embassy. I was told by the Etimad office that my employer needs to furnish Online Visa (Mustand tashira ) . Well, Employer representative went to MOFA office in Riyadh and found out that Mustand Tashira cannot be provided online or papers based.

So in Nutshell, my employer does not have Quota for Resident Visa, Work Visit Visa is the only viable option at this point, Khitab -e Dawa is not being accepted by Karachi Embassy and company has no clue about Mustand Tashira which is required by Saudi Embassy

In all this fiasco, I really have no clue what to do next. Please let me know if anyone encountered this situation before? and what is the remedy?

Does anyone know if Islamabad Office is issuing Work Visit Visa based on Khitab - e Dawa?

Folks appreciate your help in advance.

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