Clearance to go out of the country ??


After 1 year and a half in PH, on a tourist visa (and all the extensions), I will go back to Europe.

I have read that I could need a clearance to be able to leave the country. It could take 15 days to proceed !

I would hope that I could just have to take a plane ticket, as i always renewed my tourist visa on time.

Does any of you have to secure this document prior to your departure ?

Many thanks !

Exit clearance is must.

Just go there around 10 days before departure. It is very simple and free procedure.

Without that document you will not be able to leave.

Thank you.

But i was wondering if you also need it if you plan to come back : like if i'm having a flight back ticket, would i still need it ?

Yes, you still need it.

ok, many thanks Eduardo !

How long is the normal process for it ? 15 days seems really long !

Last time I wait only 5 days. Usually is much faster than 15 days.

yes you require an exit clearance or will refused boarding the aircraft.
It depends on your immigration office how quickly it is processed. I got mine the same day and paid about 500pesos (not sure of cost now).
It is recommended to apply 2 weeks before.
As you are on tourist visa you cannot apply for a re entry visa.
Just leave then restart the process on re entry to philippines.

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