Speeding/Parking fines

In the process of purchasing a second hand car. There's 2 cars I am interested in. Both direct from owner.

I am aware that fines are designated to the car and not the owner. And If I was to purchase a car I would take on the fines. Is there a way of checking if there is any outstanding for a car that I do not own? Who do I contact and what information do they require?

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Ring me *** as I have some experience of how this works.

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Hi Stumpy

After 2 years in Malta, I'm going back to the UK and would like to contact other expats to seek all kinds of info.
Not sure how to do that.
This forum has been useful whilst I've been here and could you advise me how to use it.
What if I want to find someone driving back to the UK?
- I've read the rules and it's still not clear to me now. How do I do that?


Why not start a new topic and just ask the questions you want answered, just use the button at the top of the page that says start a topic otherwise your question will be off topic, good luck.

On TM Website "Vehicle Information and Other Fees" you can check the current status of any active or garaged vehicle, any outstanding fees and the next VRT date.

You have to ask the owner for a copy of the logbook (licence plate/engine number) and his ID number.

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