Transfering to the USA from UK within company

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I have recently become interested in the idea of moving to the USA. And have been thinking the best way might be to apply to a job with international offices in the USA. I have learnt for example that the salaries for software engineers is much higher in Seattle.

What happens if lets say we have job in London, United Kingdom and we want to transfer within the organization to their Seattle, USA branch.

Does the salary stay the same or does it get increased for the standard within Seattle?

This is what I have been confused about. For example the starting salary for a mid-level sofware engineer in the UK is usually £40K whereas the starting salary for a mid-level software engineer in Seattle is $75K. That is like a £15K difference!

So what happens, does that mean we suddenly earn more when we move within the organization to another city like Seattle?

Would appreciate anyone who can clarify this.

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It depends on your employer and company policy regarding expat contracts. BTW - 75k in Seattle does not stretch far considering cost of living.

If you are working for a private company, then who knows? Why not ask someone there?

Salaries levels are often influenced by the local cost of living.

But then wouldn't a British company want to put the difference in salary into their own pocket and pay you the same?

In the USA, you can negotiate your salary at many companies.

In the USA, if you are already employed and the company transfers you, they will often provide housing and pay moving expenses.

In my experience, British companies can be less generous. I worked for Brits in Hong Kong and it was an eyeopener how they went over every little expense! No US company would ever question small amounts on my expense account.

So you might do better to get hired in the USA rather than get transferred, IMO.

It may depend on the company policy. but if you come and search for a job over here, that can be a bonus point. Capabilities and talents are appreciated everywhere, You can easily get a job at Seattle!!

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