Left job before end of contract and EP cancellation.

Hello Expert,

I need your help

In May 2017, I started working in a position of IT support with an out source company.
But I was under an agency. I got 1 year contract.

After I worked for about 2 months, I found it was not a match job for me.
It's a rather specialized job, and I was not really good at it.
I accepted I had a relatively high stress.
I decided to talk with HR about my issue and needed advice to move the other project.
Or if possible, I would like to know how to process for resignation.
And how much charge will I have to pay for agency.
But they just advised me to be patient and have avoided to answer me about resignation job.

Finally, I could not continue that work anymore. I decided to quit that job in mid-July.
I really needed to heal my mental health and wanted to get back to my country.
I already resigned from out source company but I didn't resigned from agency.
I left Malaysia on 21th July 2017.

After I felt better I have contacted to Agency again about EP cancellation.
They read my message but didn't answer me. I want to go back to KL and clear everything in the right way. Because I want to get an opportunity to get a match job in KL again.

What should I do with this issue?

1. Should I go back to agency company in KL and clear everything?

2. The agency confirmed early on that we would not be paid tax 28%.
And it was the truth, I got 2 months salary but I was not deducted 28% on my salary.
(Other colleagues under this agency were not deducted 28% as well)
.....So do i have to tax clearance?

3. How do i know I'm blacklisted? Can I check with immigration officer?

4. If I do not get blacklisted and wait until the EP expires, Can I find a new job in KL?

Please advise me.
Thank you very very much.

Sorry I have no idea how this agency thing works. Was your EP under the outsource company name? What you should have done was cancel your EP before going back to your home country or else the immigratiom record will state that you are still working in Malaysia. If nobody complains you will not be blacklisted but you can't work in Malaysia again if you dont cancel your previous EP and do your tax clearance.  Even if you did not pay tax you still have to do tax clearance

Thank you very much Shehajaz.

My EP under the agency.
And now I'm in Thailand but I would like to go back to Malaysia for clear everything with agency.
such as tax clearance because I still want to get job in Malaysia.

Was your EP under the Foreign Worker system, which is a separate system to the Professional employment pass (Expatriat Visa)? 

Expatriate Services Division (ESD) handles the latter type of work permit.  The FWCMS or OneStop Service Centres process Foreign Workers  http://www.fwcms.com.my/faq.html

There is quite some confusion now with the ASEAN collaboration and I have not yet seen the rules for changing employer while on an EP/FW pass. This link talks about a Checkout Memo being required and releases the security bond. http://www.imi.gov.my/index.php/en/main … rkers.html with example here - http://www.onestopmanpower.com/pdf/5.4.0%20COM.pdf

On the tax front, if you were earning under RM34,001 per annum i.e. monthly RM2833.41 after EPF deduction, then it is not necessary to register or pay income tax
( http://lampiran1.hasil.gov.my/pdf/pdfam/01_2017_2.pdf )

Thank you so much Gravitas.

My salary was 4200 per month.
and my EP under the Foreign Worker.

I think I will go back to KL soon.
Need to discuss with agency.

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