Being jobless for over 5 months

I guess i made the wrong decision by coming to Saudi through house driver's visa while iam no driver. Well,i couldn't afford to get another visa. I actually thought that no matter through whatever visa we use to go to a certain country, we can join any job before changing its profession. I should have better enquired about these things properly to some people or in online. The person that guided me said this driver visa can be changed but i didn't knew that i should join in some unsuitable job and work for perhaps 2 years or so to change it.
         The only job i have done in my country is data entry and i have some skills in photoshop. Iam not a degree holder. Here in Saudi , i can't really able to find such pc jobs but rather getting told to join jobs in shops for which i have no interest. I just tried looking for jobs which has nothing to do with sales and marketing because i can't do it, iam not good at it and the same problem i have in handling money with customers so i avoid shops, especially grocery stores. Now i feel like iam trapped. I have no idea what is going to happen.

you should go back to india. Saiq khaas (driver visa) is not transferrable.
Come here with new visa then.


you can live here to earn a bare minimum by working at bakalas/shops to clear your living expenses here, until you sort every thing out (hopefuly that is before 2 years)

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