Looking for a partner!!!

Hi to all;

I am from Turkey and I have a company which manufactures industrial airconditioners for electrical cabinets, automation enclosures etc.

Let me know if you interested to become a partner. I have contacts in UAE and have small percentage of exporting from Turkey to UAE but I want to move the company to UAE and expand the brand.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Best regards.

Hi dear

I ve been taking many market research as i would like to setup a bussines in uae and here is the main issue that i have found

- any compagny must be held by a local of 51% at least even if he is not investing with you , otherwise you will open it in a free zone and you are limited in that area

- the cost of setting up the bussiness is really high comparing other countries

- talking about the + the market is very well and the opportunities of doing bussines are quite good

Dear Amargh;

Thank you for your comment and sharing your oppinion. I have idea of the difficulty about the forming a new business in Dubai but the market is great and it is easier to reach out GCC from UAE.

I hope some brave and honest people reads my post and we can find an opportunity to have a fruitful business.

Thanks a lot...

Look for Bahrain , it's investment friendly and you can open a factory easily and own it 100 % .

Thank you gunner757 but Bahrain is not a country which I would like to live. :)

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