My company is asking me to deposit my passport with him for safety purpose.

Is it right to do that or I should refuse?

What about the pharmaceutical sector in Tanzania?

Errrr, NO!, (to note, no knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry in TZ).

You should retain your passport at all times, unless it is needed, by the authorities, to have visas, etc. added. And then it should only be away from you for a day or two, at most.

Without your passport you cannot leave the country and if the police, or other authorities, stop you and ask for identification, you could find yourself in an uncomfortable position.

Why does your employer want to hold it? I would be feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable unless there was a really strong reason as to why...


Give your company a copy of your passport and retain the original yourself. Your passport remains the property of the country that issued it.

Company's authority is saying, they hold the passport of each employee so that no one can't do anything wrong in that country. they said sometimes employees do some innocence with others in the country or may be with the company (like steal money or something else) and it become problematic to the company.

So to avoid such things they hold the passport.

Now what reply I should give them or should I refuse to the offer?

I would inform them that they can have a photo copy only, not the original and see what happens.

If they insist on what is essentially an illegal act, then you have to ask yourself if you are happy to work for this company.

If they are that worried about the behaviour of their staff, one would be questioning their ethical and staffing policies. Why are they hiring staff that they consider would act against the best interest of the company, (and other member staff),  that has employed them?


Well I'll refuse them to do so and see what gonna happen?

Thanks cjatkins

My pleasure!

Lets us know what happens.


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