Family Reunification Without Being Married

I would like to move from Texas to Copenhagen to be with my boyfriend of three years.  I'm a real estate appraiser so the odds of finding a job there are very small so I was looking at the family reunification visa option.  I've read through the new to Denmark information over and over and have looked through the application.  I feel like most of the application will be fine except for the part where they want us to prove that we've lived together for at least 1.5 years.  Since he's in Copenhagen and I'm in Texas we can't provide that, all I can show is that I've been there twice for one month each visit which they already say doesn't matter.  I understand why they would want something that shows it's a real relationship but I am wondering if anyone has been able to get a visa without the cohabitation requirement being met.  We have a real relationship but just can't show documentation other than visits.  I desperately want to be over there with him but am worried that I don't fit into any of the visa categories and don't feel like the odds of being offered a job are very good.  I'm sure plenty of people have fallen in love and moved to be with their person but I'm having a hard time figuring out how.  Does anyone have any experience?  I'd like to fill out the application in about three weeks but don't know if I should just attach a letter explaining the nature of our relationship or if they will just reject it.  Any advice would be great!


Here's a question that i think would be obvious.  Why not get married?  :/

Yes that is the obvious way but I'm checking into it as a girlfriend right now.

Hi. I will be in a similar situation when I move in with my boyfriend in 2 yrs from now.
  I don't understand why everyone wants you to get married. It's a big step considering you have not lived on the same continent together. I'm sure you want to be living together first before taking that step. At least that is how I feel. Sorry in advance if that is not the case.
  I would suggest calling or going ti the International House in CPH.  My bf and I went there and asked them a bunch if questions about immigration.  They even have free , open to anyone, info sessions on different topics.
Good luck and keep us posted
Michele :)

Hello! I am exactly in the same situation where you were (having a danish boyfriend and wanna apply for family reunification as partner), I hope you are doing all good and eventually get the permit!
Would appreciate if you can get us updates on how your visa is now and how you overcome that problem, that would be such a great help for me now...


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