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hi all and hope you will fine there all too.
i want to visit indonesia but problem is that i have blue passport (travel documents)can someone tell me how can i apply for indonesia visa i have already contact with embassy and consulate but they are saying i cannot apply on these documents please if you know some way please please tell me i will be very thankful to you

You will require sponsorship and the approval of the head of immigration at Jakarta prior to applying for a visa as a Pakistani citizen. There are a number of reputable visa sponsorship agencies in Jakarta who will make the application on your behalf. The pre approval process can take up to 6 weeks.  You can then (with this pre approval) apply at the consulate in your country of residence for the visa of your choice dependent on the purpose of the visit and the length of your stay. This is a regulation for the citizens of Pakistan.  There are fees attached to this service by the agency and for the visa. Hope this helps. If you plan ahead about 3 months prior to your scheduled arrival you shouldn't have too many problems.

Thanks a lots sir supadave
I have not Pakistani passport now I have blue passport (call travel document) and please if you know more details how can I get and contact agencies please guide me I will be very thankful to you

As you do not have Pakistani passport, only travel documents, your chances of a visa are nil.
A travel document only allows you to travel.

You will require a passport. All international travelers require one to enter Indonesia. Obtain a passport first, then the pre approval process, and finally a visa. Allow at least 3 months plus the time to obtain the passport. The easiest way to find visa agencies is google or the internet search engine of your choice.

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