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Dear all

I am looking for a qualified and experienced Indian speech therapist in dammam or khobar for my twins who r 2yrs and 5 months old.

Please reply if u can help me

Thank you

I am speech and language pathologist.

I am an Indian Speech Language Pathologist in dammam.

Can we have your contact t details

Where from you

Thank you so much Yasra. As you advised we took him to speech therapist and ent. Received a feed back that he is having a toungue tie, we plan to be in India for 3 month for supporting him. Your advise definitely helped us. We will surely contact you in case further assistance is needed for him. Please pray for him. :-)

You are welcome! 
Once his tongue tie is removed,with God's blessing he will get fluent and intelligible speech. Feel free to ask for any help.

Hi, i am looking for an Indian speech therapist for my 2.4 year old son. he was calling mamma, pappa at the age of 1.5 years. but now he is not telling anything.  when we met a pediatrician he was asking us questions related to autism. i am staying in Jubail. but i can come to Dammam for sessions.

Thanks manoj

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Contact to yasra. She is speech therapist from india

Kindly give me your cntct number. My son is 6 yr old nd his speech is not clear. He even cant explain me what he did in the class need help.

Hi Alia
Can you please give me a call


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