Frequent Business visits to Singapore

I am an Indian married to a malaysian woman and living in malaysia on LTSV pass...with an endorsement to do own business or can be employed...if I register a business in Malaysia, can I get a multiple entry visa valid for one year from Singapore high commission in Malaysia and can I visit Singapore on a daily basis carrying small quantities of merchandise with me..since I have LTSV pass of Malaysia???

Thinking you may be smuggling to avoid import regulations and potential import duty, if you do what you are suggesting. What you hand carry over the border should be for your own consumption. If goods have commercial value they would need to be declared or imported with licence. If you are looking to trade, then the GST regulations would catch up with you and expose. Ignoring GST is at your peril.

You would need the usual visa to enter Singapore depending on your national passport. The relevance of having a LTSVP is only to your ability to live in Malaysia.

More info on  LTSVP holders and incorporating a business would best be answered on the Facebook group - Foreign Spouses Support Group Malaysia.

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