Got an offer of 3000SAR, is it sufficient???

Dear All

I got a offer of 3000 SAR as Mechanical Engineer having 3 years of Exp, Accomodation & Transportation is in company scope.
Please suggest the basic expenses there for fooding, Calling to India, and other daily expenses. Is this package enough to survive there.
Also is there any chance of increment if i work for 2 years??

I am also having an offer for 500 OMR with same conditions.

Please suggest me which offer i choose.


Better to choose Oman, the cost in Oman is much lower.

Thanks Brother

I had just offered by alsalam aerospace engineering as aircraft support technician.
They are offering me 4150 SAR. All include transportation and housing provided.

Is it best cost for living life at riyadh with those salary?

I am 25 years.
I have 3 years experience in turbo jet engine maintenance on boeing 737.

Thank you so much.

It depends on what your personal expenses are in KSA and at home.  Are you trying to save money?  Will you be sending money home.  Will you be eating out or cooking your own meals?  Write down a budget.  Will the company pay for gas, food, internet, cell phone, VISA, Airfare? Make sure you get everything in writing before accepting a position and getting on a plane.

For cost of living try

Accomodation and Transportation is provided by the company. Most probably, i will dine outside on rrgular basis. Is 1000 SAR is enough for food,Mobile & Internet.


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