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People!!! Need help!!! Going to travel around India in the end of December. Have to buy tickets from Goa to Delhi but can't create an account in Cleartrip. The problem that I haven't got Indian telephone number. Tried to use different ways to create an account without it but failed ((( Help!!! Anybody, share your account, if any. Or help to create new one!!!

What about booking tickets through official websites of airlines.... So you won't have problem i think...

The same. The number is required

Did you tried in Thomascook website?

I'll try, thanks

Welcome :) let me know if it doesn't work...


Cleartrip registration
I've just opened a trial a/c with my Vietnamese cell number. No problem.

You select your country from the droplist of country names with ISD codes. Then put your cell number without a leading zero (if any) in the textfield. That's it.
You get a confirmation email. No SMS.

You can also proceed to purchase your air ticket without registration (sign in).

Cleartrip registraion - FAQ

Its more reliable than cleartrip.
You can input your international number as well.
The purpose of asking the number is to update you the ticket information.

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