learning vietnamese

where is the best place to learn Vietnamese and make friends with other Foreigners?

been calling some local schools here , they either ask you to go for private lessons or join the Beginners class to start all over again which i am not a beginner.. therefore would like to check with you guys on any good school to recommend? thanks

learn vietnamese with annie....

Try this thread:


Use every opportunity in daily life to practice. With shop store staff, taxi drivers, house mates (if they speak/understand vietnamese), colleagues ....

Sometimes when I am sitting in a cafe, Vietnamese students wanting to practice English will come and chat. Perfect opportunity for both of you to practice on each other. Win-Win situation. Maybe he/she can speak in English and you can speak in Vietnamese.

thank u for the advises.
u base in Da nang? nice place .. hear alot about it .. maybe will visit there next week with wife. :)

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