V6 good enough for dunes in Qatar?

Hello, i have been transfered couple of weeks ago and i'm looking at different options of car to buy. I finally decide myself to go for a 4x4 better than a fancy car but now i want to make sure i do the right choice for a 4x4. My budget fits more on a V6 rather than a V8, and i'm looking at a no very old car.... any suggestions? So far my selected options are a land cruiser V6 GX or a Fj cruiser model 2016..... is that V6 good enough for dunes? Or shoul i go to an older model and get a V8? LC200 or FJ? Note that most of the FJ i have seen do not have diff lock.... do i really want to have that option?


depends on how you see owning a car,,
if you care about resell value or not,
best resell value are Prado and patrol, and land cruiser , forget FJ.
try also xtrail and extira its cheaper and lighter with 4.0 cc

if you care not about resell value ,, try Wrangler  or RAM or land rover and sierra or raptor

Don't forget Pajero, which is very capable in the dunes! Correct tyre pressure, anti-skid turned off, 4-H and off you go!

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