Travel Health Insurance

Anyone have an opinion on travel health insurance?  Which company do you like and why? Appreciate all views. :)

Update.....anyone know about this one  Allianz.....been researching it and so far can looks as good if not better than all I have looked at....and the cost....under $200. a year. sounds strange, but we are reading and re-reading and it sounds very good. i went to and got the info.

Hi Sakuralin,

have you checked this page : … siem-reap/

Thanks Christine, I actually did check World Nomads but then we found Allianz and it is close to $1,000 cheaper than world nomads.  I really don't get how there could be so much of a difference but we have been reading the policy and re-reading it and there is hardly any difference.  It is so hard for me to understand why the price difference, but there it is in black and white....   :)

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