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Hi, me, my German husband and my beautiful Australian Shepherd, Adory, are looking for a small furnished apartment in Munich starting January 2018 until June 30th 2018. We have just moved from Boston to Munich which is our temporary stop-over before we finally move to Berlin. This is due to my husband's new job while I'm simply giving him company:) Our budget is 1000-1200 Euros per month. Please note we are happy to have a pet friendly one bedroom, one living room set up with kitchen and a bathroom. It should be well connected as well.

Hi, could you please post your want ad in the HOUSING section.  Adverts aren't welcomed on the forums, per the Germany Forum Code of Conduct.

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Yes sure

in addition to a general lack of furnished accommodation in Germany (which, if available at all, costs 50-100% more than comparable empty flats), Munich has a serious shortage of housing, especially smaller and cheaper places.
If you really cannot opt for a serviced, short-term apartment (wich would cost double your budget), I recommend looking for an unfurnished place after your arrival - it makes no sense to start before, and the search can take several weeks to months. Do not tell prospective landlords that you will only stay a few months, but do mention your dog (although this will kick you out in many cases), if you cannot leave it at home (which I think is preferable given the difficulties).
You could also ask your employer for assistance in finding a place.

Oh I'm already in Munich and have an arrangement to stay until January. So I think it's better to get the word out now than later but thanks for your reply.

Oh yes, in that case you should of course start your search as soon as possible, given that rental contracts are usually signed two or three months before move-in.

Probably your best bet to find something affordable is to go to the University and find the pin-boards where students hang up advertisements. There are always people looking for, or offering, rooms or apartments. Finding a furnished place for limited time is usually expensive through normal channels. But often students spend a semester or two elsewhere, or go traveling, and want to keep their place and will rent for a normal or even discounted price for the specific period of time. The word to look for is "Zwischenmieten" or between renting. I don't know where the building(s) are where this is usual in Munich but just go and ask around.

Oh that's a great tip ... thanks !

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