Hi, I'm new, so if this is in the wrong forum or been asked/answered before, forgive me.   I didn't see anything directly pertinent to my question.

I'd like to hear from anyone who has personally experienced home internet service in Pattaya - and in particular, South Pattaya / Jomtien Beach.

I've found the major ISP websites absolutely impenetrable.  Which doesn't surprise me, as ISPs in the States are rather impenetrable in ENGLISH.

I NEED very reliable, fast service.  Is there such a thing?  I see some carrier offer fibre-optic service, but it does not seem to be available in Jomtien - at least, not in my condo.

What carriers do you think provide the most reliable service in my area?  CAT? 3BB? True? TOT?

PRICE is not as important to me as speed and reliability in the area - and I know that different carriers have different quality levels in different areas.

If Fiber is not you know if any of the carrier offer a very high speed USB wireless connection (like a thumb drive?) .  I guess 4g or LTE is what I've seen most advertised.  How does that compare with something like VDSL?

Finally, if all of the above doesn't you know of any "co-working" hubs where a person who needs very high speed reliable internet can get it...along with a a reasonable and flexible rental rate in Jomtien?

Thanks a lot for any ideas you might have.


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