HELP: Moving to Bern - temporary accommodation urgently needed

Hi everybody!
I'm Josh - an Italian 28 yrs old man - and I'm soon gonna move from Rome (IT) to Bern (CH) as I'm starting with my new job assignment for an american corporation, in October'17. I got less than a month to find a temporary accommodation and I'm currently struggling with looking for a furnished studio flat / room in a shared flat, in Bern..

I've checked HOMEGATE.CH, UMS.CH and a few other websites.. but I really can't find anything easily.
I would be super happy to get any tips on where to look (websites - agencies) or possible offers!
Moreover I'm looking for new friends in Bern area - so don't hesitate to contact me to go out and grab a beer / coffee.


Hi Josh,
Have you finally found anything useful?
Found a few more useful websites, or local Liegenschaften Verwaltungen?

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