Cost of living and monthly savings

Hi, I am Varadharajan from Chennai, India.
There is a offer for 950 OMR(9000 AED) in Zohar with no other benefits.
1. I am pure vegetarian (no egg, meat etc) and prefer to cook.rarely go only for veg hotel. Pls tell me the monthly cost. wife and baby will join after few months, so how much monthly cost?
3.may I know how much rent accomodation for single bedroom AC? Also Electricity charges and water charges?
4. Transportation charged for daily commutation to office? much max I can save out of 950 after considering all expenses?
Kindly share it. Thanks

Hi varadhvg,

Without getting into any specifics, it is fair to say that R.O. 950/- for a small family, in Sohar should suffice.

Details for all your other queries can be gathered easily from the forum, since they all have been discussed earlier.

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