Looking for a job and a place to stay in Seychelles

Am a young malawian man am 23 years old am a musician and am a very funny guy I currently live in South Africa.
I want to move to Seychelles for greener pasture but before I move I first want to find a job in Seychelles am a painter, I can do gardening job and I also 2 years as a  bar a  bar tender.
Please if you can emproy me I will never disappoint you.

Hi chris George,

Welcome to Expat.com

Creating an advert under the appropriate channel may help you in finding a suitable  accomodation and securing a position.
Regarding employment oportunities, I would advise to create your cv under these websites:
- Jobs in the Seychelles
- https://jobo.sc/?v=e5919ba9cf2e
- https://www.hosco.com/en/jobs/in/seychelles

For accomodations :
- Housing in the Seychelles
- http://www.arrivaseychelles.com/rent

Best of luck


Thanks brother am looking forward to seeing you soon TIA

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