Join us to celebrate our 2M members on Thursday 28th !

Hi everyone,

we are organizing a very special event on Thursday 28th to celebrate our 2,000,000th member.

We've prepared a lot of surprises which I am sure you will appreciate !

You can find more information on this page … louis.html

Hope you will be able to join :)

take care,


Congrat Julien for your hard works..

Morning Team,

Well done for yesterday event which was a really success.  It was my first time. You get to know people and exchange ideas.

Again well done.

Hi all,

I was really happy to be part of this event. Great moment, specially Julien singing in spanish. Good music and great people to meet and chat with.

Hope to you you all soon in future events.


Thank you all for coming !
We hope to see you soon for our next gatherings.

Julie Team

Thanks guys for attending ! We had a great time with you

I'll train a bit and sing the whole song next time ;)

Take care,


Sorry I've only just seen this!
Was down at La Pirogue on a mini-break so maybe next time!

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