Permanent Residency: How to demonstrate Marriage and family life

In applying for PR you are asked to 'demonstrate marriage and family life' beyond providing a marriage certificate.
What would i need to provide? Photos? Letters from others who know you both?

Any advice would be gratefully received!

Many thanks


I imagine that this would consist of things like photos, hotel/holiday bookings in both names, property and bank accounts in joint names, statements from friends and so on.

The UK asks for similar!

Hi, well if you have kids together, it's easy. But if you don't, immigration is generally asking for some proof that you actually live together. If each of you have an electricity bill, water, internet, rent, payslip etc it can be a good idea to enclose some of those. If for example the electricity bill is in the man's name and the water bill in the woman's name and both bills have same address, then you have demonstrated that you live together. That's what I did anyway.

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